Дизайн под лестницей в гостиной фото

In order to answer your question, I will need additional context about the purpose of the «design under the staircase in the living room». However, I can provide you with some examples of how to incorporate functional and aesthetic elements under a staircase.

Functional Designs:

Built-in storage: Cabinets, drawers, or shelves can store items such as shoes, books, or seasonal decorations. Consider adding pull-out drawers for easy access.
Custom seating: A bench or window seat can provide comfortable seating and additional storage space.
Workspace: A built-in desk or bookcase can create a dedicated work or study area.
Play area: A small playhouse or cozy nook with pillows and toys can provide a fun space for children.
Laundry room: If space is limited, consider tucking your washer and dryer under the stairs.

Aesthetic Designs:

Statement wall: Paint a bold accent wall or create a feature wall with wallpaper, artwork, or textured tiles.
Lighting: Install recessed lighting or pendant lights to illuminate the space and create a cozy atmosphere.
Plants: Introduce greenery by hanging plants or placing potted plants on shelves or the floor.
Mirrors: Mirrors can reflect light and make the space feel larger. Position them strategically to enhance the visual appeal.
Artwork: Display paintings, photographs, or sculptures to add personality and interest.

Remember to consider the flow of traffic and the overall style of your living room when designing the space under the staircase.

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