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to design the interior shelves the following points must be kept in mind.

1. Custom-made: The shelves can be made according to your space requirement. These shelves fit perfectly into the space available and increase the storage space.

2. Select material: Choose from a variety of materials like warm wood tones, sleek metal finishes, durable laminate or stylish glass.

3. Be space-savvy: Floor to ceiling shelves, modular shelves, floating corner shelves are examples of space savvy ideas.

4. Open shelves: For a more approachable and airy look open shelves are recommended.

5. Asymmetrical: Try to design asymmetrical shelves instead of symmetrical ones for a more stylish look.

6. Wall Mount: Ensure that the shelves are mounted securely to the wall before using them.

7. Decorate: The shelves can be decorated with plants, books, or décor items for a personalised touch.

Here are some interior shelf design photos for your inspiration:

[Image of a living room with floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books and décor]

[Image of a living room with a floating corner shelf that’s been decorated with plants and a few books]

[Image of a living room with a custom-made shelf that fits perfectly into an alcove and has been styled with a variety of items]

[Image of a living room with a wall-mounted shelf that’s been decorated with a few books and a plant]

[Image of a living room with an asymmetrical shelf that’s been decorated with a variety of items, including books, plants, and décor]

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